Lolë, yoga clothing brand

Hadia Ghaleb, 1,5 million of followers, wearing Rossignol Apparel clothes

Absolut, vodka brand

Play Around events give you the opportunity to actually meet your target audience.

Our members are young adults from 20 to 39 years old with high purchasing power living in the biggest cities in the world. They are the hedonists, urbans, connected and curious opinion leaders that some brands want to target.

Furthermore, our events are fully covered with professional video and photographers as well as nano and macro-influencers. We have years of experience in merchandising strategies so we know how to maximize impact.

Besides, produced content can be shared with the partner for his own use on his own media and future campaign.

Also, we can target specific audiences through our different events depending on partner objectives.

Strategy is written together with each brand.

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