Frequently Asked Questions

• When do the bookings open?

Opening of the bookings will be annouced on the web site and social media.

• What destinations do you go to?

We go to Europe, in the Alps precisely. We will keep you updated on web site and social media. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to know among thr firsts. “PLAY Megève” takes place in Megève, an hour away from Geneva airport.

• How many people will participate in PLAY Megève?

We were almost 100 last March, we plan to be 200 in March 2020. That is going to be a lot of fun, we promise! 😉

• What can we expect to do during PLAY Megève?

It’s all about partying and networking with like minded people aged 20 – 40 from all over the world. Members arrive on Friday during the afternoon. Opening party on Friday night. Saturday is for all kind of activities from skiing, to snowshoeing, to paragliding, to flying helicopter... Parties are also planed during the afternoon and at night. Sunday, recovery day: Usually, people start with a large breakfast (you can get it delivered, ask Play Around Staff) then go to yoga and chill to take advantage of the chalet’s large terrace. Obviously, the activities you did on Saturday are also possible on Sunday... everything depends on your will! You are free we do not impose anything.

• How do I sign up to breakfasts at PLAY Megève?

Breakfasts can be delivered at your apartment or chalet in the morning. You’ll have to book it online when you do your overall booking. If you missed it, no stress, we’ll give you the opportunity the book it later!

• What's the age range at PLAY Megève?

Last year, members who came to PLAY Megève were all between 20 and 36.

• What's the minimum age?

Minimum age is 18.

• Can I pay in installments or do I have to pay all at once?

Yes, you can pay in 3 instalments. The size and timing of these instalments are as follows: 1. the first payment of 20% of total cost must be paid within 24 hours of booking.
2. the second payment of 40% of total cost must be paid no later than 120-90 days before your event begins.
3. the final payment of 40% of the total cost must be paid no later than 80-60 days before your event begins.

• Can I join Play Megève event even if I am on my own?

Of course, we have single rooms in some of our chalets.

• Which airport should I fly to?

Geneva international airport is the closest. It is about an hour drive to Megeve. We offer transfers from the airport to Megève, so don’t lose time trying to get a ride from there and write us at least one week before your arrival day with your flying details so we can plan the vans with other Players.

Do you organise transfers?

Of course we do! We offer transfers from the airport to Megève, so don’t lose time trying to get a ride from there and write us at least one week before your arrival day with your flying details so we can plan the vans with other Players.

• What type of accommodation do you have at PLAY Megève?

We offer different kind of accommodation:
Single rooms, double bed rooms, double bed rooms delux (with attached bathroom), shared room (with bunk beds for 4 and 6 people), full apartments, and also full chalets.

• Can I get ski lessons?

Of course, write us at: info@playaround.agency to book ski lessons.

• Can I get off-piste guides?

Of course, write us at: info@playaround.agency to book a guide.

• Late arrival, early departure?

No problem, contact info@playaround.agency to give us the details.

• How close are we staying from the slopes?

Our private chalets are situated in a secluded area. We have private vans for you to bring you to the slopes or downtown. It represents a 5 minutes ride approximately.

• What additional costs should I expect during the weekend?

This will depend on what you want to ad as options. On average a member will rent skis (around 30 euros), get a ski pass for Saturday (around 34 euros), have lunch on the slopes (20 - 50 euros), get a drink on the slopes (5 - 7 euros per drink). On Sunday morning you can stay at your chalet to chill. Snowshoeing will cost you about 10 euros per person.

• How big is Megève ski area?

Megève is linked with St Gervais ski area, together, they represent 410 km of slopes. Good for beginners but it has really engaging slopes and off pistes for advanced skiers too!

• What can I book through PLAY Around?

Play Around works also as a Concierge service for you guys. We are here to help you with ski passes, ski rentals, restaurant bookings...

• Can I do PLAY Megève if I don’t ski?
Of course you can join the event if you don’t ski. Nevertheless, the access to Folie Douce is reserved for skiers only. NO worries, there are many other things to do during the day.
• Can I do PLAY Megève if I’m beginner skier?

Of course, Megeve ski area has loads of easy slopes. We can also book a ski instructor for you at your own expense.

• Do you provide ski and snowboard rentals?

Of course we provide ski and snowboard rentals. Do not hesitate to book it when you book the event.

• What's included in the price?

Accommodation is included (apartment, chalet or bedroom), access to our hammam and sauna as well as our Friday and Saturday night parties (Food and beverage included), yoga classes on Sunday morning, transfers to the slopes and to Megeve downtown, professional photographers alongside with other surprises.

• What will we do during the day?

Be aware that you are 100% free. Nevertheless, most of you want to live the experience to the max and live it as a group: Friday night party / Saturday morning ski / Folie Douce party in the afternoon / Chalet party at night. Sunday morning hiking or flying helicopter around Mont Blanc / Sunday brunch

• When should I arrive and when does the event finish?

Chalets are ready for check in from 3 pm. Opening party starts at 6pm. We suggest you arrive between 3 pm and 5.30pm.

• What is the address of chalets in Megeve?

They are right at the limit of both districts of Megeve and Praz sur Arly, exactly at 1265 Route de Megève, 74120 Praz-sur-Arly

• Can I park my car for free?

Yes, you’ll be able to park in the neighbourhood for free.